Indian song 'Mehendi' is a copy of iconic Pakistani song 'Gagar'

03:46 PM | 24 Sep, 2021

Indian singer Dhuvani Bhanushali recently released her music video titled Mehendi. Needless to say, the immediate reaction of the audience is that it is a copy of the Pakistani iconic song Gagar.

As the debate between inspiration and imitation continues, the striking similarities between the two songs are hard to ignore as the song's tune is an exact copy.

“Mehendi” has more than 20 million views after two days of release and is becoming quite popular among music buffs.

On the other hand, the iconic song Gagar was originally made by Veteran Pakistani singer Alamgir and released in the ’90s.

However, the song was remade for the Velo Sound station’s Season 1 and was sung by rockstar Umair Jaswal. Gagar’s remake was equally adored by the audience and has over 6.7 million views on YouTube.

Singer Umair Jaswal also took to Instagram and questioned the singer for copying the tune and tagged his fellow music artists who worked with him on the remake.

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