Madina becomes WHO's 'first large healthy city' in the world

06:04 PM | 25 Jan, 2021
Madina becomes WHO's 'first large healthy city' in the world

JEDDAH – One of the holiest cities of Islam has been list among the healthiest cities of world by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is believed that the Saudi Arabian city of Madina has become the first city with a population of more than 2 million to be recognized under the WHO’s healthy cities program.

Madina, which is close the heart of Muslim community, was acknowledged after a team of the international health body found that it met all the global standards required to be a healthy city.

A total of 22 government, community, charity and volunteer agencies played their role to get the WHO accreditation.

The city’s integrated program included a strategic partnership with Taibah University to record government requirements on an electronic platform for the review of the WHO team.

The global body also recommended that the university provide training to city agencies of other nationals interested in taking part in the healthy cities program. A committee chaired by the university’s president, Dr. Abdul Aziz Assarani, supervised 100 members representing the 22 government, civil, charity and volunteer agencies.

According to WHO, “a healthy city is one that is continually creating and improving those physical and social environments and expanding those community resources which enable people to mutually support each other in performing all the functions of life and developing to their maximum potential.”

Members of Muslim community have expressed their happiness over the development on social media.

Medina, a city in western Saudi Arabia, is the place from which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established the first state for Muslim community (Ummah) after his flight from Makkah (622 ce) and is where he is resting in the vast Al-Masjid an-Nabawi.

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