Social media abuzz with reports of blast in Faisalabad!

10:45 PM | 25 Jan, 2022
Social media abuzz with reports of blast in Faisalabad!

Social media was abuzz with reports of a blast in Faisalabad on Tuesday night.

#Faisalabad became top trend on Twitter soon after the news of a blast in the city broke out.

Twitter user Zainab Abid wrote, "Doors of my house trembled badly in #Faisalabad. My father was at Clock tower and we are in eden executive. Both sides are opposite but we had same experience. Allah knows what kinda blast it was. Hope everyone is fine."

Faraz Salamat, another Twitter user, wrote, "Third largest city if Pakistan trembles badly and still no news. The Flow of information is joke in this country. City41 reported blast but looks like news has been taken down from all the media stations. This couldn't be a jet breaking sound barrier. This was huge!"

As a number of social media users were giving different reasons for the blast and number of casualties, Faisalabad Police came up with a clarification.

They denied an blast occurred in the city and urged people not to believe any rumours.

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