Ukhano responds to allegations of sexual harassment

03:00 PM | 25 Jul, 2019
Ukhano responds to allegations of sexual harassment

LAHORE- Vlogger Umar Khan (a.k.a Ukhano) has been doing the rounds on social media as he was recently accused of sexual misconduct and indecency by multiple women.

Many came forward with their claims against Umer, alleging he harassed them and behaved inappropriately. There were several screenshots of the conversations between the vlogger and other girls that were provided as evidence, wherein Umer was seen asking women for "bold" pictures and sending unsolicited ones of himself.

In light of these accusations, Ukhano has released a Youtube video addressing the circumstances that have taken place.

He starts off the video explaining how he was distraught by the accusations that were coming at him from all directions, but now he's calm and goes on to discuss the screenshots that have been circulating on social media.

He went on to say that people should learn to differentiate between flirting, consensual flirting, harassment, sexual harassment, violence, and domestic violence.

According to Umer all the screenshots that had been leaked were of two-way, private conversations that have been presented in a way to show him as a sexual harasser or sexual predator.

He also claimed that making this matter public has caused him and his family a lot of trouble(obviously!)

Umer further added that an FIA has been registered against the people have allegedly defamed him and he will not back down until the parties involved apologize publicly.

In the end, he discussed all the possible penalties for the entire situation for all involved parties and concluded the video by asking the viewers to wait for the court’s final decision.

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