Pakistani court hands death sentence to man for raping daughter

09:52 AM | 25 Nov, 2021
Pakistani court hands death sentence to man for raping daughter

HAFIZABAD – A district and sessions court in Hafizabad, a city in Punjab province, sentenced a man to death while also slapping a penalty of Rs0.5 million after finding him guilty of raping his daughter.

Reports in local media said a court on Wednesday sentenced a man to capital punishment for the heinous crime as the grandfather of the victim, who is also the father of the accused, had approached law enforcers against the culprit for raping the daughter in April this year.

The accused, who is identified as Nasir Ali, denied the charges leveled against him by the prosecution and alleged his father for framing him in a bid to get his cattle.

During the hearing, the prosecutor claimed that the victim informed her grandfather as she was subjected to sexual assault numerous times by his own father.

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Furthermore, the prosecutor informed the court that the medical reports have also proved sexual abuse on the girl.

In the written verdict issued by Hafizabad court, it stated that the ‘culprit doesn't deserve any leniency’.

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