Mira Sethi questions the definition of masculinity that targets women's clothing

07:15 PM | 25 Oct, 2021
Mira Sethi questions the definition of masculinity that targets women's clothing

A crusader of sorts who is vocal about her opinions, Mira Sethi's candidness regarding toxic masculinity that continues to target women's clothing comes as a breath of fresh air.

The Dil Banjaara actress has been a staunch advocate of women's rights and she has been quite expressive about the prevalent intolerance towards women in our society.

In an interview to a local news outlet, the 34-year-old shared her viewpoint regarding how society's definition of masculinity has become so fragile that a man's pride feels threatened by a woman's choice of clothes.

"I saw a comment underneath a post made by my colleague and friend Ushna Shah on Instagram, She was wearing jeans and a top in the post and the comment underneath it read 'if my mardaangi (masculinity) compels me to act in a certain way now then don't blame me'."

"What is this masculinity exactly? Why is your definition of masculinity and pride so narrow that it starts and ends at a woman's clothing? An independent woman and a broad-minded man can both co-exist in this society together."

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"Why do men police us so much? If we talk about your masculinity then it should be confident enough and allow you to live without it feeling threatened. Of course, we have to be mindful of not crossing certain boundaries. As women, we are aware of what those boundaries are because we live in this society."

Earlier, Sethi bashed trolls for criticising female celebrities' wardrobe choices. She took to her Instagram handle to question the self-proclaimed moral police.

"It’s always fascinating to see trolls go nuts under photos of public-facing women in dresses or costumes or anything the trolls deem 'vulgar'."

"Go home. I don’t dress for you I don’t dress for anyone or anything other than my own sense of joy and play and expansion," she emphasised.

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