Bovinoes - A retreat for the culinary artisans

02:28 PM | 25 Sep, 2017
Bovinoes - A retreat for the culinary artisans
There is a social ease when it comes to a place where appetite, ambiance, and colour palettes complement one another. When you go to Bovinoes, the same magic flows around you, tantalizing your sensations, and relishing your every savoured memory in a culinary setting.

A good steakhouse is the reminiscence of old fashioned rustic wild west, and a classic victorian chalet. When you enter Bovinoes, you get a similar vibe. The place is warm, welcoming, and sophisticated at the same time. The interior and stage set for the kitchen is a perfect orchestra for a night out with friends and family. The addition of a bar in the area with a pro for a bartender is one of a kind for restaurants in Pakistan. The drinks are shaken, or stirred. The recipes are refreshing, and very original. These sort of innovative ideas are much needed and very welcomed in the ever growing restaurant business of Pakistan.

The menu has been well sought and perfected masterfully. The recipe for steaks have been inspired from the finest culinary artisans across the globe. The meats are imported from the best local, and British suppliers, leaving no room for disappointment. The steaks are cooked to perfection, with the best cut of beef, and some dark juices. That makes the meat succulent, rich, flavourful, and delicious. The sides are fresh, and perfectly seasoned. Once you have had the taste, there is no where else you will go for your perfect steak experience. For those who are shy on their taste buds, there is the most succulent stuffed chicken and burgers on the menu.

After the amazing steak experience, what one craves the most is a cleanse of palette with a delicious dessert. Bovinoes has that covered as well. The delectable cheesecake makes the top of the list when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. Paired with scrumptious jams and fruits, it is a delight and melts in your mouth. The presentation is on point, so it is not just a dance to one's taste buds, but also a charm for your visual perceptions.

Bovinoes is that new place on the block that one goes to, and comes out as a loyal customer. The cuisines, delivered with high-speed energy, speaks the language of dining, and of hospitality. It is sunny, urban, and luxe, all at the same time. Just a few weeks old, Bovinoes is destined to be a vital part of high-end dining landscape in Lahore. With the creative energies perfectly in sync, the restaurant is setting a certain intoxication in the epicurean air.


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