Want to become a foodpanda rider? Here’s how...

04:49 PM | 25 Sep, 2019
Want to become a foodpanda rider? Here’s how...
Applying for a job at foodpanda has never been easier. With no boss, flexible timings and the freedom to create your own rules, becoming a foodpanda rider is the perfect way to work whatever hours you can without the hassle. So get going with the foodpanda app on your mobile device because now you can discover your city while also making some money on the way!

The steps to becoming a foodpanda rider are as follows:

1. You can visit foodpanda’s hubs around your city and register as a walk-in rider

2. If you’re too busy to walk in, you have the flexibility to create your account online no matter where you are, you can sign up at rider.foodpanda.pk.

3. Then, you can choose your city and then your preferred area to work. This could be around your work, around your school or even close to home!

4. Once you’ve registered, the next step is locking a meeting with the specified area’s rider promoter and understand the delivery job and payment structure through training with RPs or a by Supply Associate.

5. Once you’ve been happy with the requirements and the job description, you can then fill in the forms, provide your documentation and do a mandatory quiz to make sure you are up to par.

6. If you pass the quiz, congratulations! You are now an eligible rider for foodpanda Pakistan!

7. Collect your delivery bag, components and attire from foodpanda HQ. As soon as you receive them, you’re free to start earning!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start receiving orders! Once you’re selected, easy and flexible cash will be just one delivery away for you!