Rediscovering KP: GoZest aims to bring tourism back to Pakistan's north

08:32 PM | 26 Jul, 2017
Rediscovering KP: GoZest aims to bring tourism back to Pakistan's north
PESHAWAR - Almost one million people are participating in an initiative to promote tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the tagline 'Rediscovering KP'.

Under the corporation of Provincial Youth Assembly, GOZEST is organizing a mega campaign that seeks to promote largely undiscovered parts of the province.

Under the banner of GoZest, these youngsters have invited the rest of Pakistan to Rediscover KP. Traditionally known as “the land of hospitality”, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is now commonly associated with extremism, terrorism, insecurity, and intolerance. Pakistan, and in particular Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is perceived as one of the most dangerous places in the world, adversely affecting the tourism industry in the region. The GoZest Initiative aims at bringing tourism back to KP, and changing the negative stereotypes associated with the province and its people.

The theme of the event is to inspire and motivate the youth by giving them the opportunity to meet with their selves. We want to enhance tourism activities, increase tourist arrivals and make tourism an instrument for generating employment, and to re-discover the image of our land as peaceful. Our aim is to attract the tourists of other regions to the land of hospitality i-e Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The event proceedings will include various developmental workshops, discussions and team-building activities that enhance and refine the youth' leadership skills and thematic knowledge.


• Tourism Activities

• Hiking and Trekking

• Competition and Survival.

• Scavenge Hunt.

• Games


• Camping

• Bonfire.

• Lanterns

• Team Activities & Learning Inspirational Interactive Sessions

• Learning through Sports

• Cultural Eve

• Motivational Workshops

• Panel Discussions Facilitated Workshops

• TV Show

• Concert

• Visits to Tourists Spots and much more

Selection Criteria: 

Candidates must fulfill the following selection criteria

• Age between 18 – 36 years

• Believe in uniting to celebrate the diversity of our nation

• Commitment to involve in post event/follow-up activities

• Aspire to re-claim a democratic, educated and peaceful Pakistan

• There will be equal representation of gender

FEE: 9500/-

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For more details, check GoZest's Facebook page.

This year, Daily Pakistan is a media partner of GOZEST which is Pakistan’s first multiple location, 5-days residential learning, Tourism and Cultural festival where youth from all over the Pakistan and other countries, can interact and network with each other and leading personalities from the world of business, development, politics, academia and culture will participate. Participants will take part in plenary and syndicate sessions, and engage in activities and simulations that facilitate learning of essential skills needed to excel in our challenging local and global environment.