Mawra Hocane calls Pakistan a "playground for murderers" following Sarah Inam's killing

09:34 PM | 26 Sep, 2022
Mawra Hocane calls Pakistan a
Source: Mawra Hocane (Instagram)

The shocking news of the gruesome murder of Sarah Inam, the daughter-in-law of columnist Ayaz Amir and wife of Shahnawaz Amir, shook the nation to the core with local people and celebrities lamenting and mourning the injustice and oppression plaguing the country's women.

Showbiz personalities have come out to show their anger and disappointment on why the justice system has failed to ensure protection and security. While hundreds and thousands of people lament, Lollywood's talented actress Mawra Hocane has called the Pakistani land a "playground for murderers."

Hocane tweeted, “Noor Mukadam’s murderer still lives. Motorway rape case is still unresolved. Khadija’s stabber is roaming freely. After what Usman Mirza, Danish Sheikh and ZahirJaffer did, why are we still surprised at Shahnawaz Amir’s case? My country is a playground for murderers, rapists, harassers!”

Taking to Twitter, Usman Mukhtar wrote, “Another woman brutally murdered. Another hashtag asking for justice. “How long till women feel safe to leave violent situations and marriages? How long till they receive support before they're killed? How long till we stop asking what she must have done to cause this? #JusticeForSarah.” 

Pakistani TV host and actor Ahsan Khan, in a now-expired Instagram story, stated, “If only Zahir Jaffer was hanged and punished, perhaps, we wouldn’t have another Zahir Jaffer on the lose.” 

Host Shaista Lodhi added, “Our society has chronic problems that go unaddressed, and aren’t even adequately discussed because of hypocritically brushing them under the carpet. Violence against women and children, gender-based violence, sexual abuse of women and children are gruesome realities.”

Kanwal Ahmed chimed in, “From ‘ghar basana hai toh bardasht toh karna paray ga,’ to ‘Aray toh uss ko dekh ke shadi karni chahiye thi,’ the complete burden and blame of sustaining an abusive marriage, even if it costs her, her life, always lies on women in our society.”

Social media personality Momin Saqib said, “From Noor to Sarah and all the unreported victims of heinous crimes across the country, this is a bitter reflection of core realities, which proves the alarming need of strict legislation against perpetrators! #JusticeForSarah, may there never be another hashtag for any human!”

Revered Pakistani actress Mahira Khan tweeted, “How long before we get any sort of justice for any woman who has been killed at the hands of rage and privilege. Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied." Mahira Khan tweeted. While PR mogul Frieha Altaf had called Pakistan "No country for women!"

Singer Frieha Altaf wrote, "Only cowards beat! Only animals attack the vulnerable.Everyday there is a story of a girl/woman/wife/child beaten,abused,raped or murdered. The horrors don’t cease. There is no justice. Raise your sons with the right values.stop patriarchy."


Rabina Khan wrote, "When will this Stop. How will Women protect themselves? Who is looking out for them? Everyday there is a new hashtag. And people forget. We need to stand up for ourselves. All these Innocent women have been tortured, butchered, beaten and abused. It disgusts me."

For the record, prime suspect Shahnawaz Amir was arrested after fleeing the crime scene. Police officials informed that an FIR has been registered against him. Twitter has been flooding with the hashtag campaign #JusticeForSarah as the victim's friends and colleagues demand justice. The culprit, Shahnawaz, is reportedly in police custody and as he tried “tampering with the evidence.”

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