Misbah Mumtaz opens up about her nose job

07:16 AM | 27 Apr, 2019
Misbah Mumtaz opens up about her nose job
LAHORE- The nose job. An unwanted bump is “straightened” or the long nose sweetly “bobbed”.

Misbah Mumtaz is breaking barriers as she recently went through a Rhinoplasty or nose job and the supermodel has just shared her views about it.

Misbah took to her Facebook to share a before and after picture of her nose job and the difference was clearly visible.


She then revealed how the procedure is agonizing and risky for people in showbiz, specifically because you can never be a 100% sure if you will be satisfied with the final result. It can make or break your look as well as your career. Later she spoke about how beautiful everyone is in their own unique way and it’s absolutely normal to get a procedure done if it makes you feel more beautiful and confident. One should't feel the need to match up to the artificial beauty standards defined by societal mindsets.

Mumtaz was widely praised for addressing a topic that many avoid talking about:

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