The only way Muslims can make the world understand is by peace and dialogue: Hamza Ali Abbasi

01:18 PM | 27 Oct, 2020
The only way Muslims can make the world understand is by peace and dialogue: Hamza Ali Abbasi

The French President Emanuel Macron recently faced immense criticism after he accused Muslims of separatism and vowed not to give up cartoons depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

His comments came in response to the beheading of a teacher, Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old teacher, who was attacked on his way home from the junior high school where he taught in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 40 kilometres northwest of Paris.

The teacher had shown cartoons disrespecting Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), according to media reports. 

Soon after Macron's comments, protests erupted in several cities across the world and people started campaigning to boycott French goods. Protesters in Lahore also set France's tricolour flag ablaze.

Among many others, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has also shared his stance on the ongoing controversy and urged Muslims to resolve conflict through peace and dialogue.

"It is your right to disagree and criticise but it is not your right to mock with the intent to deliberately insult and provoke. It's immoral, unethical and uncivilised," the Alif actor Tweeted.

Abbasi further added, "The only way we Muslims can make the world understand that is solely by peace and dialogue - not murder, war and hostility."

"What if Muslims organise a contest of throwing cow meat on a Ram statue?" questioned the Waar actor. "Or who can slaughter the most pigs in a synagogue or who can spit on a cross with the most accuracy. It's evil. The same applies in the case of making insulting cartoons of a man held sacred by more than 1.5 billion people."

On Sunday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also denounced the statements of French President. The premier said that Macron has hurt the sentiments of Muslims around the world and the last thing the world wants or needs is further "polarisation". 

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