Bisconni music wraps up season 2 with brilliant performances from various stars

09:32 PM | 27 Jan, 2022
Bisconni music wraps up season 2 with brilliant performances from various stars

Bisconni Music took everyone by surprise at the start of the year by introducing its audience to magnificent performances by various artists. Every episode was a mix of different genres and personas, making each performance unique in its own way.

This year’s season was produced by Raafay Israr and exceeded all expectations. What makes Bisconni Music stand out is that it’s a platform that encourages fresh talent to steal the spotlight. Not only that, but it also allows artists the creative liberty to experiment and incorporate their own personalities in their work.

“The best thing as a young Pakistani was waiting for the drop of a new album or song by a loved singer and over the years, the concept of new music died down. Singers became afraid of trying new things but we’re bringing that back and bringing back the joy of being creative, collaborating, and giving the audience a reason to believe. We wish Bisconni Music becomes the platform artists choose to present their new voice, and with the response, we’ve gotten, that hope isn’t too far.”  Bisconni’s Senior General Manager - Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy, Muhammad Sabir Godil said. 

The second season featured artists like Aima Baig, Asrar Shah, Raafay Israr, Amanat Ali, Maria Unera, Asim Azhar, and Kashmir. The first song, “Tu Mera Na Hua” was a collaboration between Aima Baig and Raafay Israr. Other performances and songs included ‘Malang’, sung by Asrar Shah. It implemented elements of Sufism and Eastern music, making it an instant hit.

Elements of Sufism is popular in the Pakistani music industry, with various artists experimenting with the genre, and integrating it into their own music. Rap, hip-hop, and pop are also popular amongst the Pakistani youth.

The fourth song, “Yaadein” is a beautiful rendition by Kashmir and Mai Dhai, blending rock with Sindhi folk music. “Dharkanen” by Amanat Ali and Maria Unera is a catchy, pop number that will make you want to get up and groove to the music. Lastly came out “Pul Ja”, a hip-hop song featuring Asim Azhar, that the audience was waiting for the most. What makes “Pul Ja” stand out are the brilliant lyrics in Urdu and Punjabi, sure to make you want to sing your heart out.

This year’s lineup was extraordinary in combining and experimenting with various genres and coming up with brilliant tracks, leaving viewers mesmerized. The popularity of the songs was obvious from the social media attention the tracks got establishing the second season of Bisconni Music as a feast for the ears. Many cover artists joined the movement and did covers of the songs they liked the most, expanding the musical scene and taking the songs forward to a wider audience. The artists invited to the platform aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and bring in something new. Last year’s show was also a hit because of amazing collaborations between aspiring artists and maestros. It brought us beautiful tunes such as “Mera Ishq” and “Ho Tum.”

Even though the music platform is new to Pakistan (it was launched last year), it has already won over thousands of Pakistanis, cumulating millions of views in a short span of time.

If you’ve missed the performances, don’t worry. You can watch all of the webisodes on Bisconni Music’s official YouTube Channel.