Breaking Taboos- This famous eatery is opening at ill-famed 'Heera Mandi'

03:46 PM | 27 Jun, 2018
Breaking Taboos- This famous eatery is opening at ill-famed 'Heera Mandi'
LAHORE-  Lahore is a cultural capital of Pakistan. This history embeds centuries-old history, stories, traditions between its layers. The walled city, Lahore is a major tourist attraction for national and international travelers. The cultural and religious diversity lies at the Shahi Muhallah, walled city Lahore.

Food street, Lahore consists of many famous eateries and local cuisines food shops. The famous cafe 'Cuckoos den' is among the most artistic eating place in Lahore. People enjoying the mesmerizing view of Lahore Fort, Grand Badashi Mosque, and Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh along with delicious traditional foods.

Meera Mandi is a notorious area of the Walled City, Lahore. Which is known for nightlife and adultery in the past? Even today people don't feel comfortable talking about the place or going in that area. The famous eatery of Lahore 'Sweet Tooth' has decided to open their franchise at  Heera Mandi and yes it is another unique step by the owner of the sweet tooth cafe franchise.

Sweet Tooth Ceo, Umer has always come up with brilliant ideas and mixing old and current fashion styles in decor. The use of dark and vibrant colours in interior designing surely catches the eye of the customers and also showcases the culture of the subcontinent with the help of old paintings of women of Red Light area.

Walled City, Lahore is a treasure for all the art and culture lovers. By the launch of the cafe like a Sweet tooth at this area, we believe the youngsters will also visit the area and maybe it helps in letting them know about their land's rich history and they can view the beauty of heritage of Lahore.

It is a good and wise step by the Sweet Tooth cafe owner and we are happy that he has fought for breaking the mental blocks of the public.

So, this weekend do plan visit Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi and enjoy mouth-watering shakes and tasty desserts along with the captivating beauty of Lahore and centuries-old history of the subcontinent.

Pakistan’s ‘truck art’ is now a Popular and unique “Art” of the world, it can be seen as a major decor element at the branches of Sweet Tooth cafes.

We can not wait to visit Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi as soon as it opens its doors and arms to the public. Let's promote our history and heritage.

As, the identity of an society is derived from thousands years old customs passed to generation by generations.