Bushra Ansari shares emotional message after sister Sumbul Shahid’s death

04:50 PM | 27 May, 2021
Bushra Ansari shares emotional message after sister Sumbul Shahid’s death

Bushra Ansari shared an emotional message after the death of her sister where she reflected on coping with loss and expressed gratitude to people who prayed for her sister during her battle with the deadly coronavirus. 

Earlier, the late actor fought for her life on the ventilator after contracting the deadly virus. As the news of her demise came to light, fans and family were left grieving.

The Zebaish actor gathered the courage to make a video for her fans as she thanked everyone for their prayers and condolences.

“You all saw a few days ago I lost my sister Sumbul Shahid. We receive a lot of information about Covid-19 but we truly understand what the panic is all about when someone really close to our hearts leaves this world because of it,” 

Thanking her well-wishers she reminisced the inseparable bond she shared with Sumbul.”Everyone loves their siblings, but with sisters, the bond is even stronger. The four of us loved each other very much. We talked the same way, listened to the same music and sang together,” 

Delving into the details about coronavirus, Bushra highlighted that the deadly virus should not be taken lightly, “There are so many people around me who say things like, ‘I had a bad throat so I took medicine and now I’m fine,’ and they’re meeting other people, going out, taking flights. So many people have a fever and they’re treating it with Panadol, thinking they’re going to be fine the next day.”

In conclusion, the veteran urged everyone to isolate themselves if they have a sour throat, body ache or any symptoms related to Covid-19. “Don’t endanger other people’s lives. You don’t have a sour throat because you drank cold water yesterday, understand that,” 

Prayers and condolences were sent to the family by fellow celebrities and fans. May her sister rest in perfect eternal peace.

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