Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed open up about their wedding plans

01:45 PM | 28 Jul, 2021
Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed open up about their wedding plans

Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed are both versatile actors in the showbiz industry. Both of them have worked in various blockbuster projects.

The duo will be seen together in an upcoming movie “London nahi jaunga”. Kubra and Gohar are both really close friends and share a strong bond.

Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed have recently appeared in Time out With Ahsan Khan, aired on Express Entertainment Television.

In the show, Kubra and Gohar were asked to share their wedding plans on which Gohar replied first saying, “I have no such plans of getting married yet and I haven’t even think about it”.

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After his reply, Ahsan Khan insisted to share his plans but he was so hesitant and answered, ”I will go home and think about it now”.

Ahsan Khan turned towards Kubra and asked, what about you girl, when will you get married? To which she replied, ” I am good, honestly the one thing I have realized is that the maturity, independence and self-growth you achieve while living alone, that’s what you cannot seek with someone else. And I am a firm believer of my mother’s saying, If the foundation is not strong we can’t build a building on it and I think every human is a foundation and you should be strong enough first and then involve someone else with you otherwise you shouldn’t be with someone.”