Reading offensive comments breaks us from the inside too, says Ayeza Khan

03:40 PM | 28 May, 2020
Reading offensive comments breaks us from the inside too, says Ayeza Khan


Social media means that celebrities’ personal and professional lives are now scrutinised more than ever before, but is it really fair to them?

According to actor Ayeza Khan,  entertainment figures like herself shouldn’t have to justify their personal lives constantly while the country goes suffers from continuous setbacks.

Raising concern against the stream of social media trials celebrities have been subjected to in recent times, Khan talked about how upsetting can words be.

Sharing a cryptic message on Instagram, Khan said, ”Why celebrities are on social media? Are we here to let others decide what we have to do with our lives? Reading comments like these hurt us too.”

The Meray Pass Tum Ho star requested people to remain “positive” in these unprecedented times.

“We are all in this together and Inshallah we will get through this tough time. We all need to stay positive and calm,” Khan wrote in another post.

Khan concludes her rant by explaining how she and her fellow artists put in maximum effort to entertain their fans and encourage them to focus on the brighter side of the situation.

“We entertain millions around, try to spread happiness and act normal for our fans to divert their attention and tell them that things are fine,” she said.

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