Afghanistan thanks Pakistan for facilitating peace process

06:29 PM | 28 Sep, 2020
Afghanistan thanks Pakistan for facilitating peace process

ISLAMABAD – Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan Dr Abdullah Abdullah has commended conciliatory and sincere efforts being made by Pakistan to take the Afghan peace process to logical conclusion.

Talking to Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad on Monday, Dr Abdullah expressed his gratitude to Pakistani leadership over its role in the Afghan peace process. 

FM Qureshi said Pakistan backs a peaceful and durable political solution of Afghanistan's conflict through an afghan led and afghan owned peace process.

Pakistan, as a shared responsibility, has been playing the role of facilitator in the Afghan peace process, he added.

The Pakistan minister went on to say the US-Taliban peace agreement and later the intra afghan dialogue held in Doha have raised the prospects of durable peace in Afghanistan. The Afghan leadership should seize this historic opportunity and undertake serious efforts to take the Afghan peace process to logical conclusion, he continued. 

"We will also have to keep an eye on the spoilers who do not want peace and stability in the region," Qureshi said, urging the international community to come forward for the reconstruction and economic stability of Afghanistan.

He also added that Pakistan desires dignified return of millions of Afghan refugees to their homeland.

"Pakistan respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Afghanistan, and wants to develop strong economic cooperation with the neighboring country."

Dr Abdullah Abdullah arrived in the Pakistani capital earlier today on a three-day visit.