Why are we not valuing all professions during pandemic?

11:52 AM | 29 Apr, 2021
Why are we not valuing all professions during pandemic?

The COVID pandemic, made us value our health practitioners, who risked their lives and served all the communities. However, during these times, the services of other professionals should also be recognized and appreciated. In Pakistan, like all other countries, our bankers continue to work tirelessly, risking their lives, to provide the best service for our customers. Despite the challenging times, the bankers did not hesitate to provide their services. We feel proud in recognizing the efforts of our bankers, especially the front-line staff, who do not let the fear of the pandemic stop them from providing their services for the country.

It was saddening to see how there were several attempts to demoralize the services of bankers during the pandemic. The least we can do during these times is to not turn a blind eye to their efforts. Our bankers are the driving force of the economy. The bankers are making the money move throughout our financial markets and helping to sustain the economy.

In these difficult times, we should take essential measures, follow complete SOPs to stay safe, and keep others around us protected as well. We need to stand together in these times and mitigate all the fake news propaganda that is circulating. Our bankers require your support and assurance that their hard work is being appreciated. We ensure that complete SOPs are followed by our bankers while interacting with each other and customers.