12:55 PM | 29 Feb, 2020

I know the colour of the bird sitting on the windowpane, It is green just like your eyes,

I understand the philosophy of relations in these

Days of casino-capitalism

To be hell with the soul and spirit and emotions,

I know the colour of your love is the colour of

Your country's currency note.

Only the medicine 

When my mother was dying on the dirty floor of the hospital,

Only the medicine 

I could see around me a host of medical stores packed with medicine,

Along with the 'armed guards' standing before them,

To protect their fundamental right of security,

So never talk of any human right before me,

I buried my mother that evening for only the medicine,

And there were tears in her eyes...

Even after death ;

It is only then I attacked them,

It is only when they killed me.

But I shall come back,

And don't try to remember my name,

I travel in the ship of revenge,

I may be back with any name

(And perhaps with any other face)

I'll turn your scaffolds upside down,

I'll visit my grave and right from my grave,

I shall challenge your hegemony,

I'll hoist the flag of a fierce rebellion.

You gave me a set of new words after the Cold War, 

You gave me another set of idioms after the New World Order, 

And now you presented me with a new coinage of phrases,

After the 9/11;

I'll use the same jargon you applied to me,

I'll kill you in friendly fire,

And your name will be reduced to the collateral damage of history