KIPS disassociates itself with 'sexual harasser' who sent lewd messages

05:32 PM | 29 May, 2018
KIPS disassociates itself with 'sexual harasser' who sent lewd messages
LAHORE - Pakistan's famous educational network, KIPS has disassociated itself with an individual alleged to be harassing female colleagues and aspiring teachers, saying the institute takes stern action against any such element.

According to a spokesperson, the institute has a strict policy towards maintaining discipline on campus and the individuals accused in the harassment scandal had already been fired over a year ago.

Reacting to latest media reports regarding an educationist who allegedly harassed a candidate aspiring to become the part of KIPS, the institute has clarified that the accused had already left the organisation a few months back and was no more on the payroll of it.

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"Even though he maintains that it’s a hacking scam and he has nothing doing with it. We could not prove or disprove his claim but as a matter of policy, he was laid off," stated a communique issued by the group.

Maintaining that those who are associated with KIPS are treated with utmost respect and care, the institute has claimed that thousands of employees were working with it with full devotion and satisfaction.

Arguing that the issue of harassment was prevailing in Europe as well, KIPS highlighted that it had never condoned it and had always dealt such sad occurrences as per the law.