PM Abbasi takes credit for adding 10,000MW to national grid

05:39 PM | 29 May, 2018
PM Abbasi takes credit for adding 10,000MW to national grid
ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claimed on Tuesday that the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government had added 10,000 megawatts (MWs) of electricity to the national grid.

Addressing a news conference about energy projects initiated by PML-N led government, the outgoing prime minister claimed that 35 percent surplus electricity, amounting to  6,000MWs, had been produced in 2018.

Abbasi noted that the country had the capacity to produce 28,400MWs electricity, adding that the big dams could only be built if there exists a national consensus on these mega projects.

Moreover, Abbasi expressed that he would not comment on matters relating to national security as he would fulfil the obligations of his oath.

Power shortfall rises to 6,000MW as multiple NTDC ... 12:37 PM | 1 May, 2018

KARACHI - Pakistan is once again facing heightened energy crisis after a widescale power breakdown took place Monday ...

While the incumbent government has claimed to have eliminated the electricity crisis, the country has suffered and is still suffering from intermittent load shedding.

Earlier this month, power supply to several cities, including Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Swat, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Muzaffargarh, had remained suspended for several hours, stirring concerns about the viability of claims made by the government.

However, a picture shared by PITB chairman reveals that the country produced 20,000 MW electricity, for the first time in history.