Jemima and Imran Khan’s WhatsApp chat goes viral

03:42 PM | 30 Jan, 2022
Jemima and Imran Khan’s WhatsApp chat goes viral

LAHORE – Social sites erupted with hilarious memes after a 5-year-old chat between Prime Minister Imran Khan and his former wife Jemima Goldsmith went viral.

Cricketer turned politician and his former wife, a British socialite, and filmmaker, are still 'good friends'. Jemima shared a screenshot of WhatsApp chat on her Instagram back in May 2017.

The mother of two captioned the post ‘Unfun’. In the chat on the instant messaging app, Jemima teased Imran khan with a doctored picture of their son, Kasim.

She changed Kasim’s face using a face-swap app and shared saying ‘Kasim as a girl’. Khan then instantly responded her saying ‘No’. Minutes later, she then sent another picture in which the boys’ face was changed to an old man. Khan, who apparently got irked, then asked her to stop.

Later, the UK-based producer then shared the chat on social media and a user found and reshared it on social media which sparked a meme fest on social networking sites.

Recently, Jemima went into fits of laughter after a Twitterati asked her to re-unite with Khan as ‘he is struggling without her’.

Jemima posted a word puzzle game, which was a new Twitter trend as she asked her followers to guess the word. In spite of guessing the word, the user asked her to return to Pakistan and reunite with Imran Khan saying he is being ‘fooled by his friends’.