Jehangir Tareen first brought Indians to Pakistani sugar mills

11:45 AM | 30 Mar, 2016
Jehangir Tareen first brought Indians to Pakistani sugar mills
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Spokesman for Ramzan Sugar Mills has strongly dismissed a report of Samaa TV which claimed that at least two Indian nationals working at Ramzan Sugar mills were arrested on the basis of leads provided by detained RAW officer Kulbushan Yadav.

In a fact sheet issued to media, the spokesman said that some Indians were working at the sugar mills but till date no one from security institutions has contacted them or their company of any development neither the consultants.

"All of the workers were issued visas by Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi after due security checks from relevant agencies since they first started working in Pakistan," the statement said.

Revealing more details of Indians working in Pakistan, it said that there are 4000+ Indians working in Pakistan in different industries and sectors.

Letter written by Jahangir Tareen's sugar mill (JDW Sugar Mills) for issuance of visa for Indian engineers, shows its a common practice in the industry. JDW was the first sugar mill responsible for bringing Indian engineers into Pakistan.


"Jehangir Tareen introduced this Indian consultancy company in Pakistan in 2013 and put up 2 plants with their engineering support in United Sugar mills and Gothki Sugar mills. In 2014 another sugar mills called RYK put up a plant with the same company . In 2015 we put up the same plant and ours is 100 percent Chinese equipment in consultancy services with the same company."


DG ISPR Asim Bajwa in a joint press conference with Information Minister, Parvez Rasheed, had also categorically denied that any Indian agents or engineers were ever arrested from any sugar mill of the country.