Stop sexualising women's bodies, says Ushna Shah

09:20 PM | 30 May, 2021
Stop sexualising women's bodies, says Ushna Shah

"When my well-endowed female friends wear fitted t-shirts, it’s especially inappropriate. When women with curvy behinds wear fitted jeans it’s especially inappropriate. When my friends with beautiful arms wear sleeveless it’s especially inappropriate," says Pakistani film and TV actress Ushna Shah.

The actress said this in response to a video posted by popular TikTok user Tizzyent in which he reacts to a man asking whether a woman's clothes are appropriate. The woman in question is a teacher who is fully covered in jeans and a t-shirt.

Ushna reposted his video and said if he came to Pakistan, "his head would implode from the sexualisation of women". She urged most men to listen to him.

"It isn’t the clothes. It’s the sexualisation of our bodies. If an attribute is attractive to them, it’s inappropriate because they can’t control themselves," Ushna wrote.

What makes clothes appropriate or inappropriate on different body types? Ushna Shah believes it has everything to do with the sexualisation of women.