CPEC will promote humanitarian development in Pakistan: Saeed Elahi

07:16 PM | 31 Aug, 2016
CPEC will promote humanitarian development in Pakistan: Saeed Elahi
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Red Crescent Society Chairman Dr Saeed Elahi has stated the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will not only help the country prosper but also will also promote humanitarian development in the region.

In an interview with Daily Pakistan at CPEC Summit and Expo in Islamabad, Saeed Elahi said China and Pakistan have always been good partners and true friends.

“Since Chinese premier Zhou Enlai's first visit to Pakistan, the two countries have been gradually establishing a good relationship. The Chinese leaders always attached importance to relations with Pakistan, while Pakistan regards China as the closest partner,” he added.

About CPEC, the Red Crescent chairman said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a vivid example of the growing strategic partnership between the two countries. “CPEC covers various aspects of energy, construction of public facilities, and education, and the great significance of this huge project will benefit multiple areas of Pakistan by improving the locals’ standard of living.”

As chairman of Pakistan Red Crescent, the largest humanitarian aid organisation in the country, Elahi thinks philanthropy in Pakistan will also rapidly develop in the context of CPEC. He said that the Pakistan Red Crescent and the Red Cross Society of China have always been in close cooperation, and now will further strengthen cooperation in the fields of natural and man-made disasters.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society is the largest humanitarian aid agency, which operates under seven provincial branches, and 90 district-level divisions. It is mainly responsible for domestic natural and man-made disasters and quick response to provide assistance.