Pakistani stars unite under #JusticeforAsma

10:45 PM | 31 Jan, 2018
Pakistani stars unite under #JusticeforAsma
The entire nation has been in a state of outrage and disgust at the news of a third year MBBS student from Kohat, Asma Rani's cold blooded murder last Saturday.

The killer, identified as Mujahid Afridi shot Asma dead after she turned down his marriage proposal. Rani, who was a third year student at the Ayub Medical college named Afridi and his accomplice, Sadiqullah as the perpetrators before succumbing to the bullet wounds. Mujahid, who had an Umrah Visa fled the country after committing the crime and has not yet been arrested.

The sentiments of rage have been felt throughout the country with several prominent celebrities voicing their concerns and calling for better action by the police.

One such celebrity has been Hamza Ali Abbasi who took to Twitter with this message;

"Mujahid Afridi is a cold blooded murderer who must be brought to justice asap. Arresting his brother for aiding his escape is fine but KP authorities must get him deported from Saudi Arabia & get him punished. May Allah's curse be upon you Mujahid Afridi."

Actress Armeena Khan was also enraged at the notion of an innocent girl dying merely for refusing a man's proposal;

She went on to add,"There is a cultural war going on for the very soul of Pakistan, who we are as a people, these acts define us as a nation. On one side there is civil society and on the other barbarity. We all. Must decide which side we are on and fight for it as if our very breath depended on it."

Raees actress Mahira Khan who has previously been very vocal about the case of 8 year old Zainab very aptly conveyed the message that was running through all of our minds;