KARACHI – A mysterious disease is spreading like an endemic among the residents of Karachi and adjoining areas, it has been learnt.

Characterised by paralysis in the joints in the hands and feet, this disease, known as ‘Chikungunya’, has currently affected as many as seventy doctors and paramedical staff, resulting in scores of patients being rushed to hospitals, each day.

The disease seems to the most prevalent in Karachi’s Malir area is being widely affected by it.

Soon after the news of viral disease made waves across the country, Executive District Officer (EDO) health Karachi visited Sindh Government hospital in Saudabad where numerous affected patients are currently undergoing treatment.

Dr Abdul Waheed stated that the disease was being examined closely and a team of doctors had also been formulated for further treatment.

Experts believe it could be Chikungunya virus, the source of which could be an infected mosquito , but doctors say that it is still too early to confirm the disease since laboratory tests have yet to be concluded.

Over seventy doctors and paramedical staff of Sindh government hospital Saudabad have also been affected by the viral disease.

The medical experts believe that the disease causes high fever in the initial stage and severe pain in the joints, leaving patients paralyzed for three days.

Meanwhile, a special team of doctors from Islamabad will reach Malir on Monday to investigate the cause and remedies for the ailment.

Dengue prevention and control programme manager in Tharparkar, Dr Masood Solangi confirmed that the disease was rarely fatal.

“If cases were found positive, they will be the first cases of Chikungunya in the country,” he said.