ISLAMABAD – The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has made a plea bargain with 917 accused persons during last seventeen years.

NAB made plea bargain with politicians, traders and officials. According to official documents, during the last 17 years, NAB made plea bargain with 917 accused persons including politicians, traders and officials. An amount of Rs45 billion was received from the persons.

The official document added that billions of rupees are yet to be recovered from the accused persons with whom the plea bargain was made. Most of the accused persons had made initial payments and are now reluctant to pay the remaining amount. Some of them have gone out of the country while others are under cover.

In the National Highways case, under Rs 250 million plea bargain, the accused only submitted Rs80 million. The accused went out of the country without paying the remaining amount.

Syed Masoom Shah, special assistant of former chief minister KP, made a plea bargain of Rs250.8 million with the NAB and paid only Rs220.5 million.-Online