NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – United States President Barack Obama announced a support to India for becoming permanent member of United Nations Security Council promising enhanced cooperation in defense sector.
In a joint press conference after holding a meeting at delegate level both the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama vowed to carry on the greater partnership among both countries.
“India and United states have been great partners and it is need to get it onto next level in this digital age” Obama quoted. United States will support India for challenges of climate changes and installation of solar power producers and, he added.
United States and India will not only cooperate with each other for stronger ties but also help Afghanistan to sustain after fight against terrorism, said Indian prime minister.
Prime Minister Modi thanked the US president for becoming a guest at India’s Republic Day. This visit has put the people of US and India much closer, he said.
US President Obama started the press conference by ‘Namastey’, the hindi words that mean hello.
While answering a question about the situation in Ukraine US President said that we have no ambition to challenge Russia economically but we do want a peaceful solution out of this problem.
Earlier president Obama visited the memorial of India’s dead leader Mahatma Gandhi.
US President Barack Obama will also address Indian nation through state run radio station tomorrow.