LONDON – Britain is heading towards hung parliament as Theresa May’s Conservative Party has failed to get majority in UK general election.

Prime Minister Theresa May had called the snap election in April in order to get public consent in Brexit negotiations.

The Conservative Party is now leading the UK general election after grabbing 315 seats, while Labour party close behind with 261 seats.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party has won 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats are at 12 and the Democratic Unionist Party has secured 10. Voter turnout was at 68.6 percent, according to the BBC.

There are 650 seats in total — 326 are required for a party to secure a parliamentary majority.

It will decide later whether it will be Conservative Party leader May or her Labour Party rival Jeremy Corbyn who hammers out a coalition government and handle UK’s divorces to European Union.

Hung Parliament

A hung parliament — a situation in which multiple parties made a coalition government — happen when neither party bags the 326 seats needed for a majority.

Call For Resignation

Theresa May is also facing pressure to resign from the seat after losing majority in the snap elections amid uncertainty as Brexit talks loom.

Leftist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose Labour party is just behind the Conservative, urged May to resign, saying she had “lost votes, lost support and lost confidence”. People have said they have quite enough of austerity politics,” he said in a speech.


The survey taken at polling stations across the UK suggests the party could get 314 MPs when all the results have been counted in Thursday’s poll, BBC reported.

Labour would get 266, the Lib Dems 14, UKIP none and the SNP 34, the NOP/Ipsos MORI poll for BBC/ITV/Sky suggests.

Terror Attacks

Terrorist stormed the UK three times since March due to which election campaigns were twice halted.

On May 22, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a pop concert of sing Grande Ariana in Manchester, leaving 22 people dead and several injured.

Last Saturday, three assailants killed eight people around London Bridge during a stabbing rampage. The attackers later shot dead by the police.