NEW DELHI – As release of ‘PadMan’ comes close, Akshay Kumar is active, more than ever now to remove the stigma that revolves around women’s menstrual cycle.

Talking to the media, Akshay Kumar talked about the concept of the film , “Women should be made to feel comfortable before, during and after their periods.”

He further talked about the issues relating to hygiene (two of his movies; Toilet and now PadMan), “I feel it’s the duty of any public figure to do whatever, whenever & however they can to better the lives of those across our nation. There are issues that need addressing, toilets & menstrual hygiene are just some of them, but only expecting government to provide all we need is asking a bit much, especially when we are capable of helping and spreading awareness ourselves. It’s not about being of service, it’s about doing one’s best with the means God has provided.”