Coke Studio is a trusted music label, not just in Pakistan but across the border too – creating magical compositions of original songs as much as it weaves out renditions of old classics.

Singer and writer Ali Sethi has just recently successfully managed to win praises from across the border for his role in the second episode of Coke Studio Season 10. 

The Lungi Dance vocalist and A-list musician, Honey Singh recently took to Twitter to give a shout out to Tinak Dhin – an upbeat composition that made itself part and parcel of the second episode of Coke Studio.

Behind the vocals for this song are the talented Ali Hamza, Sethi and Waqar Ehsin. However, Sethi receives a special mention from Singh. “What a fun song. All three of the vocalists are good but Ali Sethi is the best at 3:09 – 3:16,” read the pop-star in his recent tweet.

Sethi has previously sung for The Reluctant Fundamentalist and released his own singles too. He has also starred in Coke Studio season 9 alongside the legendary Abida Parveen and performed a rendition of the ghazal Ranjish Hi Sahi in the very first episode of the season.

With both of his works garnering massive audience, it is safe to say that the artists’s music seems to be soaring to new heights day after day.