“Everything that you can see in the world around you presents itself to your eyes
only as an arrangement of patches of different colours.” ~ John Ruskin

As quoted by the renowned English art critic, colours makes significant differences in our daily mundane life. Colours make occasions remarkable.

Valentine’s Day is a universally known occasion that generally implies red in every aspect of its celebration. From head to heels, tip to toe colours play an important role, but how many of us have actually taken our time to bring colour into our own bedroom?

This Valentine, it’s time to sparkle the magic with our selection of colours. What could be the best way to display love for the married and also for the newly wedded couples than treating your bedroom walls with passionate colours? On the off chance that you have not contemplated it, or that you are as yet pondering what colour to paint to fuel the emotions, then few decorative paint companies have combined some colours and ideas to rejuvenate your room to celebrate the occasion.

Oh My Pink!

Let’s begin this valentine with pink. The meaning of the colour pink is unconditional love and nurturing which makes it the most appropriate colour for the bedroom. The touch of pink to a bedroom gives a charm, warmth, and indulgent atmosphere.

Since pink originated from red and white, consider having a touch of red or white in the room to reflect unconditional love. Perhaps, pink coloured room with white furniture, curtain or a simple mural with the blend of red and white fits picture perfect.

You could also embrace reddish-pink or raspberry pink to the room. Darker pink gives a pleasant and warm feel to the room. This colour blends well with metals hues like bronze, gold, and copper as well as white to present a pleasant and clean palette. Try this colour and concept to get a mellow and loving feel in the room.

Naturally in Love

Valentine is not only for reds, pinks or purples even soft colours can be included as colours of love. Colours like soft gold, subtle caramel or even apricot project a loving feeling for the couples and their bedroom. Whether this specific shading is more helpful for closeness than others is an open question but choosing caramel that is more brown than orange enhances bedroom that has natural light.

A sprinkle of vivid apricot can be utilized to include an additional component of warmth to the space. The general impact is delicate and subtle. You’ll see that warm neutrals make a brilliantly quiet yet welcoming feel in a room.

Oyster white, with a hint of pink, is also the ideal base shading and looks spectacular when matched with tones of dark, from stone to charcoal. This is a one of a kind Valentine’s theme to have with the beloved.

Sensational Red

What’s valentine without red? The passionate colour for the season is always the sensational red. Red could be a welcoming modification for both the married or newly married pair who prefers an audacious or bold room.

For red lovers, this colour would be a preferred colour as it gives a rich and elegant appearance to the room. Similarly, having the room painted red can be beautiful especially with a touch of perfect lighting, mild decorations, and matching wardrobe to the room colour.

Serene with Blue

Let’s add a bit of surprise to the occasion by adding blue in the list as well! Apart from adding a nice and fresh look to the bedroom, essentially one should also be able to sleep peacefully and what can be more calming then the colour blue. Blue is known universally as a calming and relaxing colour for the mind and body. However, be wary of specifically which type of blue is chosen for the wall as some blues can impact a cooling touch as they are capable to set a chill-look when applied on a wall.

Many hesitate to experiment with various shades of blues or even darker blues. To avoid confusion, the Colour of the Year 2017 by Leading Global Paints and Coatings Company, AkzoNobel could aid you in choosing the perfect blue for your bedroom. Denim Drift as the Colour of the Year 2017 is actually an exclusive colour palette presenting a spectrum of blues, shades and tones.

Perhaps you think you might have a passion for repainting as Valentine’s Day approaches, here’s one final bit of advice: purchase high quality paint for long lasting results like Leading Global Pentalite Colours of the World, a premium quality paint formulated with Pro Cover and Paint Happy technology which gives high opacity and coverage to help hide imperfections on walls beautifully. This interior paint is versatile and practical making it suitable for all living areas. It also comes with colour guard technology that locks in colour to keep walls looking beautiful for a longer period of time to give your home a freshly painted feel. All ICI Dulux by AkzoNobel interior emulsions, paints, and decorative coatings are Singapore Green Label and Sirim Eco-label certified. Therefore, as time goes by, you’ll love the way the colour continues to look as bright and fresh as the very first time you laid eyes on your walls.

Now, what is your choice for this Valentine? Let’s Colour with ICI Dulux!

While you’re reading this, discover over 2,000 colours available for you on how you can transform and surprise your loved one’s home with the most memorable and inspiring feel you desire this year.

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