Mahira Khan without a doubt has become one of the most influential and desirable actresses in the history of cinema today, whether it is the Indian industry or our very own Lollywood. With her acting skills and refined and poised charm, Khan has stolen the hearts of many people all over.

But, amongst all the gossip and the headlines and the couples that could’ve been and almost did, lies a story buried deep beneath the rubble. Pakistani celebrity Junaid Khan has always had the hots for our “it” girl!

During an interview with Qasim Yar Tiwana, the singer turned actor was asked to choose between Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar and Urwa Hocane. He without further ado chose Mahira over the rest! Junaid certainly has a profound admiration for the actress:

“I would avoid Urwa, date Saba and marry Mahira. Man I wish that last bit would come true!”

Soon after the question, when probed about who his ideal was, Junaid replied that it would be someone who was well-spoken and could rock the no-makeup look.

As far as we know and can tell if there’s anyone in the industry that can attribute to these two very qualities, it is none other than the one and only leading lady Mahira Khan.

When asked further about that one thing he could probably kill for, Junaid surprised us with an even more startling answer:

“Though i’m a patient and peace loving man, I would kill for hair like Shah Rukh Khan!”

Recalling her star-studded debut with SRK in Raees, seems like Junaid has a lot to envy Shah Rukh for!

What do you guys think?