LAHORE – Madam Noor Jehan was also known by her title Malika-e-Tarannum ( the queen of melody), is still living in the hearts of her fans after many years of her death.

On the legendary singer’s 18th death anniversary on 23rd December 2018, Pakistanis paid tribute to Madam Noor Jehan and remembered her services and contribution to the industry.

Remembering her legacy, two emerging stars of our music industry recently paid tribute to The Queen of Melody in their recent videos and people are loving it.

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Shall I play you guys something?🎵 #ZawAli

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A few days ago, Coke Studio sensation Zaw Ali, daughter of Sajjad Ali, took to Twitter where she shared the cover of Madam Noor Jehan’s song Banwari Chakori, a title track sung by Madam Noor Jehan way back in 1958.

Zaw Ali also shared that her father Sajjad Ali also got the chance of singing with the melody queen 36 years ago when he was a young boy and he still cherishes those golden moments. Another leading young singer of Pakistan Gul Parna also paid tribute to Noor Jehan.

Parna also posted her performance videos on Instagram and Facebook saying “A very special tribute to “Malika Tarannum Noor Jehan”.

We are highly impressed by the Pashto singer’s language skills as she has sung a Punjabi song with good command on lyrics and didn’t make us feel that she is not a Punjabi speaker.

These heart-winning tributes to Madam Noor Jehan by Parna and Zaw are worth all the social media attention and will make you listen to the late singer’s songs again and again.