We all know what an all-rounder Atif Aslam is. He keeps impressing the world with his singing talent, so much so that he has been making headlines this year with his back-to-back hits. Last month, Atif was given the enviable opportunity to host the Lux Style Awards 2017 and he literally amazed us with his hosting skills!

In one of his segments at the LSA 2017, Atif enthralled the audience with his hilarious parody and on-point mimicry of the top three Pakistani singers: Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali, and Umair Jaswal. The crowd ended up rolling in fits of laughter. Though Ali Zafar kept sitting on his seat, stoned-face and not reacting much, he didn’t seem to make much of an issue out of it later.

Maybe one of the reasons for Ali’s reaction was the very fact that Atif Aslam totally nailed the act! Here is to us hoping that no one from the three parodied actors takes his performance to heart and that we get to see a lot more of his funny, creative and humorous side.

Give it a watch!