We are curious: why does Kristen Stewart love red eye makeup so much, and why does she claim that ‘blondes have all the fun’? Read on to find out, we have the answers!

“It’s counter intuitive because usually if you’re overemotional, your eyes get red and people try to cover that up,” Kristen said. “But if you just enhance a little bit, you look so alive and raw,” she added.

Apart from her love for red eye makeup for the above stated reason, Kristen has bleached her hair for her latest movie role. “I’ve never changed my look for anything other than a role or a movie so I knew that I wanted to take a break,” she said.

“I didn’t want to make another movie until I shot my short film, and so I was able to actually change my appearance the way I want to. So I figured I might as well mess it up and put a bunch of bleach on it. I know this sounds slightly ridiculous but I genuinely feel like it’s more fun. I know, ‘blondes have more fun,’ but it’s true,” Kristen insisted.

What do you think, do they actually have more fun?!