OOH, seems like someone is in support of NEPOTISM.

Kareena Kapoor-Khan, in an interview to FILMFARE Magazine, has stated that a lot of things about NEPOTISM seems out of context.

She further claimed that NEPOTISM existed in every field.

“A lot of things seem out of context. Doesn’t nepotism exist in every possible field? But nobody addresses that. In business families, the son takes over the business. A politician’s son takes over his place. These are not considered nepotism but in the industry it makes for a nice read. Also, not many star-kids have achieved what their parents have. So I don’t understand why people are going on about it. Basically, the industry is a ruthless place. It’s about talent and survival of the fittest. Otherwise, a lot of star kids would’ve been No.1 stars in our country.”

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