What has changed recently that all those posts and interviews from our favourite stars is missing from our news feed Where are our favourite stars? The entertainment industry seems jeopardised and melancholic.

In fact, different celebrities have announced plans to go on a hiatus this week. Coincidence? We think not! The intriguing sudden disappearance of our celebs is actually part of the ongoing attempts of the entertainment industry under a tagline of #SwitchedOff.

This is how celebrities are taking breaks and going into seclusion:

Mehreen Syed

In today’s Internet-obsessed world, it’s hard to escape the news feed’s incessant, overbearing coverage of things we like. But model Mehreen Syed is switching her mobile off.

“So done with my phone! Time to switch it off!” said the model on her Facebook.

The fans are obviously not getting what’s happening and why their favourite model is leaving:

Feroze Khan

Nobody can gainsay the tremendous contribution of gyming and fitness diet to these stars, but the dashing model and actor Feroze Khan has decided to take a break from his gym.

“I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. This is it! #SwitchedOff,” the actor announced.

Sometimes, taking a break and regaining energy through rest is as healthy as gyming and working out.

Mehwish Hayat

A perfect feminine figure has often been attributed to morning jogging and exercise, however, actress Mehwish Hayat has also decided to join the slew of celebrities who are shutting themselves off from certain activities

“I’m done with my morning jog routine! Have had enough!,” the Dil Lagi girl said with hashtag #SwitchedOff.

It’s quite intriguing that all the celebrities who are planning to go on hiatus this week are doing so under the hashtag #SwitchedOff. We are wondering if this is a coincidence or a planned ‘recreation’. Or are they going somewhere together? There is no clarity!

Minal Khan

Actress Minal Khan who actively participated in Pepsi’s recent campaign by posting selfies with eyes closed also seems to have shut herself off from all such activities and matters of worldly life.

Hibernation time. Going to switch off from the world for some time! #SwitchedOff

Anoushey Ashraf

Energetic and enthralling VJ Anoushey Ashraf who is almost everywhere has also ‘switched off’. It is beyond comprehension that an active VJ like Anoushey has shut herself off from world like this. We hope things are fine for her!

Not being able to think clearly these days, Is it only me or happening with everyone? #SwitchedOff

The extreme love and paranoia from the fans prompted Anoushey to respond to their queries:

Shazia Naz

Hina Altaf

Ayesha Omar

I am officially done with this unbearable summer heat! Can’t take this anymore!#SwitchedOff

Khalid Malik

The whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I am now #SwitchedOff