We live in a world surrounded by obsessions from the harmless to the Dangerous: French fries stilettos shopping beauty social media speeding stalking admirers!

The thing with obsession is that it clouds the judgment of the sanest individual and nowhere is this more evident than in the beauty industry! Obsessed women the world over are searching for the next quick-fix: juice-fasts, face-masks claiming to reverse the aging process and tiny bottles of invitingly-flavoured liquids guaranteed to help you fit into the skinniest pair of jeans overnight!

The smartest woman may be guilty of buying into the beguiling charms of instant promises: be it skin-lightening or weight reduction!

Once the clouds of obsession dissipate don’t be left nauseated by so called week-long weight reduction solutions; or with the scarred and blemished skin traumatized by the use of mercury-laden formula creams that vow you will look like snow-white when you wake up!

Don’t let your obsession become dangerous for your health. And ladies: Overnight fairness or the promise of it, is just that: dangerous!

If you wouldn’t venture into unknown alleys on a dark night, why would you risk the unknown on the shelves of beauty stores?

Just like you would walk right past a shelf of weight-loss products that claim “natural weight-loss” but get your tongue all twisted when you try to pronounce any of the ingredients on the label, you should walk past jars of fairness creams that scream: “caution! Avoid contact with silver, gold or aluminum”, if contact with a metal is bad news…contact with your skin is simply dangerous!

Approach health and beauty with the same awareness you would extend to your personal safety: educate yourself about what’s out there and assess the risks!

The greatest beauty secret:

Most reputable health and beauty products will prescribe a regimen of ‘use over time’ or a reasonable time-frame to get you fair, skinny and youthful the healthy way! They will also clearly label ingredients in a way that is clear and informative!

Yes, words like “overnight” and “instantaneous” may be more seductive than, ”use twice-daily” or “ expect results in 6-8 weeks”, but they are a lure to the dark-side!

If you want to steal the spot-light embrace the light!