Civil-military leadership on same page, affirms Khawaja Asif

  • Issue of Ahsan Iqbal and Rangers outside accountability court occurred due to mismanagement: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD – Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said on Monday that the civil-military leadership was on the same page contrary to the rumours, adding that any conflict between the institutions would harm the country.

In an interview with local media, the minister expressed that the reaction of Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal after being denied entry to accountability court was justified citing mismanagement as the core reason behind the episode.

“When an institution under a minister operates independently, the minister in charge would find it wrong if such treatment was meted out,” he said.

Asif maintained that an inquiry was underway to clear the matter clarifying that whoever was in charge at the accountability court should have been mindful of Iqbal’s position.

The minister observed that the Army was fighting terrorism in the country and there was no other country in the world which had deployed such a large force to fight terrorism.

“In the past four years, each operation of the army has succeeded” he noted.