Deepak Perwani denies joining any political party

  • "I have not formally joined any party."

KARACHI – In a press statement, designer Deepak Perwani clarified his stance on getting affiliated with MQM saying, “I have not formally joined any party.”

“As a citizen of Karachi, I recognise the importance and relevance of the political landscape and the very vital contribution of the MQM,” he said.

He further commented, “During my 25 years of career as a fashion designer I have been apolitical and Karachi has been central to my growth sustenance and pride. I have great respect and regard for Dr Farooq Sattar. I would like to make it very clear that I have not formally joined any party but will always support causes and charities that will benefit my city and my country. I thank Dr Sattar and wish him and the party every success.”

Fashion designer Deepak Perwani ‘joins’ MQM-Pakistan

The news of Deepak Perwani joining the party was made by Farooq Sattar earlier in a press conference.

Deepak wished Dr. Sattar all the best for his future endeavours.