LAHORE – A 46-yeal-old German woman travelled all the way to Pakistan to marry the love of her life, Atif Rizwan from Gujranwala.

Haika first struck a friendship with Atif Rizwan in a cloth shop in Leipzig and it gradually blossomed into love.

“I was the first one to propose her. I first spotted her in a shop where she was looking for a dress for herself. I initiated fist by saying hello. She responded to me immediately and we both fell in love at first sight,” Atif told Daily Pakistan.

Haika converted to Islam, named herself Fatima and the couple got married. She was formerly a widow.

Reminiscing the days before marriage, Atif, who travelled to Germany in 2011, shared his intimate moments with Haika when he first gifted her flowers.

Haika said that she loved the traditional Pakistani dish Paya (trotters or hoofs of buffalo or cow).

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