LAHORE – Struggle never goes unrewarded as actress Nusrat Ara, who earn fame for playing a role as the witch Bil Batori in 90s television series Ainak Wala Jin, not only received huge financial aid from public, but also an house gifted by PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz after Daily Pakistan revealed her plight in life.

Daily Pakistan was the first which using social media aware the people and government officials about miseries being faced by her in a rented house and urged them to support her. Later, Pakistanis supported her with open hearts.

Bait ul Maal Managing Director Abid Sheikh had also given a cheque of Rs 50,000 thousand to her and assured her of treatment of skin disease.

After publishing the interview of Bil Batori followed by Munna Lahori, a person announced to give them houses of five marlas that has been handed over to them.

Bil Batori while relating her horrific life experience with interviewer Yasir Shami, she said: “For four years, I ate the rice that was distributed among beggars at the shrine of Data Gunj Baksh, and suffered a skin infection as a result”.

Nusrat Ara also expressed her gratitude for the Daily Pakistan for highlighting her sufferings and miseries.