ISLAMABAD – In what is a blatant ironic statement, leader of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), Ahmed Ludhianvi has advised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) chairman Imran Khan to stay within the domain of law.

Holding a rally in federal capital where Section-144 has been imposed to preempt disruptions and maintain order, ASWJ leader criticised both Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid Ahmed for creating disruptions and chaos in the twin cities.

The leader criticised Imran Khan for creating anarchy and promoting mob culture and vigilantism. “Why is there a need for such a havoc when the Supreme itself has taken the matter in its hands,” asked Ludhianvi.

ASWJ, which is notorious for galvanising mobs, inciting sectarianism and holding its banned rallies through intimidation, organised its ‘annual event’ that echoed with slogans of ‘Shia Kafir’ and those who cried out the inflammatory slogans received the endorsement and went scot-free.

(Disclaimer: The content of the video might be offensive for some viewers. It has been reproduced here solely for the purpose of reporting, Daily Pakistan doesn’t endorse it.)

“I say to you both Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid, you are members of parliament which is the highest forum in the country but still you take your case to the streets,” Ludhianvi added.

Giving his own example, the ASWJ leader claimed that the elections he had contested in 2013 were rigged and he had been able to get relief from the Supreme Court which declared the results of PP-78 Jhang null and void.

“The elections on the seat are scheduled to be held on December 1 and I have filed my documents and would win,” he announced.

ASWJ is an ill-famed proscribed group that has openly proclaimed its sectarian ideology, seeking to exterminate non-Sunni sects, and has also reportedly carried out attacks against minorities.