North Korea much better at nuclear technology than Pakistan, claims Dr Qadeer

  • 'Russia and China would never leave North Korea alone'
  • Qadeer says Pakistan possesses the same old and conventional technology

ISLAMABAD – Rejecting the notion of any assistance from Islamabad to Pyongyang, nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that North Korea is much better at nuclear technology than Pakistan.

He stated this during a telephonic interview with BBC Urdu, adding that North Korea was capable of producing nuclear technology as it has highly qualified scientists most of studied in Russia.

Dr Qadeer revealed that he learnt during his twice visits to Korea under missile programme that they had much better technology, adding that Pakistan possessed the same old and conventional technology.

He further claimed that Russia and China would never leave North Korea alone as both countries supported Vietnam during its war with the US.

However, he said Pakistan’s association with North Korea for the missile programme was a public fact as the same was announced by Pakistani government itself.

It may be mentioned here that Pyongyang on September 3 successfully tested a modern hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile.

Dr Qadeer said North Korea’s hydrogen bomb is much powerful that can destroy any city within minutes.

“Hydrogen bombs are much more powerful than atom bombs. An atom bomb may ruin the area in radius of 1 to 2 kilometres, but a hydrogen bomb can destroyed a whole city,” he said.