LAHORE (Staff Report) – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s media team has official disowned an unofficial group run on Twitter by an individual with the name of Farhan Virk (cont.).

On its official twitter account, the PTI wrote: “Needless to say, we disown the HT (hashtag) created yesterday by the unofficial team #ModiBegsIKforMeeting – this is not #PTI ‘s or IK’s stance.”

“Dear #PTIFamily, we wanted to disassociate ourselves from an unofficial group run by an individual with the name of Farhan Virk (cont.)

“The reason for giving this official statement is that thousands of us from #PTIFamily build PTI narrative everyday & show a tolerant (cont.)”

In a series of tweets, the PTI’s official team also discouraged “the unauthorized hashtags giving a perception that #PTI is behind the intolerance of social media”.

“We want to refute that and let everyone know that Official Social Media Accounts are listed at …

“We take full responsibility of all content coming from official accounts. We request everyone to report abuse at

“We will take strict action if we find that any official team member is involved in such activities.”