NEW DELHI – Boosting an environment of mistrust and hostility between two nuclear neighbours, India has asked Pakistan nationals in a Rajasthani city to leave within 48 hours.

According to Indian media reports on Tuesday, a district magistrate in Rajasthan’s Bikaner has prohibited hotels and lodges in the district from allowing Pakistani tourists to check-in.

As India is whipping up war hysteria against Pakistan in the aftermath of Pulwama attack, the order has directed Indian citizens not to employ any Pakistani citizens and avoid any direct or indirect business relationships with the neighbouring country.

“In the matter of receiving spoof calls from Pakistan, no citizen through any medium of telecommunication will exchange any kind of army or sensitive information to unknown persons. Any person of Bikaner district will not use sim cards registered in Pakistan,” stated the order.

The district administration announced that the duration of the directives is for two months but would not be applicable to Pakistani citizens who have registered with foreigners registration officer.

“If India attacks, we will not think and retaliate back”: PM Imran

Over 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday when an improvised explosive device targetted a convoy of military vehicles, sowing mistrust between Islamabad and New Delhi.

The already tense relations between India and Pakistan have worsened since the past week as New Delhi pinned blame on Islamabad for the Pulwama attack though Pakistan’s leadership strongly refuted the allegations.

The attack is the worst in decades of insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only Muslim majority state. Analysts claim that the attack might have been a false flag owing to the upcoming elections in India as anti-Pakistan sentiments are whipped up to garner support.

Pakistan condemned the attack with Prime Minister Imran Khan offering that the country would help track the culprits if New Delhi provides any substantial evidence in this regard.

“India has always accused Pakistan without any proof,” said Imran, adding that “If India has actionable evidence, they should share them with us and we will take action.”