ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued a notice to PTI chief Imran Khan on Monday to present a clarification regarding his own money trail.

The notice was issued on a plea moved by PML-N stalwart Haneef Abbasi who in his petition inquired about the source of money of PTI supremo which enabled him to acquire land at Bani Gala.

Haneef Abbasi, a former MNA and Rawalpindi-based bigwig of ruling PML-N argued in a separate petition before the apex court that Jemima Goldsmith, Imran’s first wife, did not file her income tax during her time in Pakistan, suggesting that she was, in fact, a dependent on her former husband and had no taxable income.

According to Abbasi, the PTI chairman was bound to declare the assets of Jemima before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in his nomination papers during the relevant period, but he avoided it.

However, the cricketer-turned-politician refuted the allegations and alleged that Abbasi moved the Supreme Court in a bid to show allegiance to premier Nawaz Sharif.

The PTI chief termed the accusations against him baseless and requested the court to dismiss the petition. He has also took aim at the Federal Board of Revenue for investigating his tax returns after 13 years.

“I have been paying all my taxes for three decades now. I have never lied about the property I own,” he stressed.